Youbin Wang, MD

Wang Youbin

Professor Youbin Wang is an outstanding member of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Prof. Wang is a world-renowned and widely published expert in treatment and research in keloid disorder. He is the author of numerous publications in several peer-reviewed and leading medical journals.

Since 2010, Dr, Wang has treated over 1500 keloid patients. He has invented several surgical methods that have led to improved outcome for keloid patients. He is well known for his 2010 invention of “double layer continuous intradermal suturing method”. This suturing method has resulted in greater success with the reduction in stitch mark effect and better aesthetic results. He also expanded the concept of keloid epidermis and its use in keloid surgical treatment. He has designed many patterns of keloid skin flap in auricle, face and shoulder keloid surgical treatment such as X-shape skin flap in auricle and two pedicle skin flap in facial keloid surgery, allowing for successful treatment of intractable types of keloid with satisfactory results.

Dr. Wang is the first scholar to introduce microsurgery to the field of keloid surgical treatment, putting forward the concept of Pre-cut and Pre-radiotherapy in the treatment of large keloids. He is also the first to explore clinical efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen in the management of keloid patients, thus expanding our understanding of the pathophysiology of keloid disorder.

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