Keloid Symposium

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

With success of our Sept. 2016 meeting at Rockefeller University, and our most recent symposium that was held on April 30th, 2017 in Marrakesh,  we are now planning for the 2nd International Keloid Symposium.   Besides basic science of keloid disorder, our next symposium will cover various clinical aspects of keloid disorder.  Our goal is to establish data-driven clinical pathways to better manage our patients.

There is a huge gap in our basic understanding of this disorder, from its genetics to its pathophysiology. This gap has resulted in poor therapeutic outcomes for a large number of patients who develop massive keloids after repeated attempts to remove their keloids.   We are committed to narrowing this gap, and improving the patient outcome.   This goal can only be achieved by scientific and data driven approaches.

We are now welcoming all who are interested in this fascinating disorder, and invite you to submit your research for consideration as well as your proposals and topics for our next meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Organizing Committee