Qiqi Yin, MD, PhD

Q. (Qiqi) Yin, MD, is a PhD student at Amsterdam University Medical Centers, The Netherlands. Her supervisors are Dr. A. Wolkerstorfer (dermatologist), Dr. F.B. Niessen (plastic surgeon), Dr. O. Lapid (plastic surgeon), and Prof. Dr. S. Gibbs. Her PhD research focuses on the various aspects of intralesional corticosteroid administration in keloids. Even though being a first-line treatment for keloids, there is still substantial heterogeneity and incomplete reporting on many aspects of the intralesional corticosteroid administration in randomized controlled trials, as delineated in her scoping review. Additionally, her survey study revealed a large variety in the ways intralesional corticosteroids are administered in the clinical practice. In her upcoming e-Delphi consensus study, she aims to achieve more uniformity worldwide on various aspects of this first-line treatment for keloids. Furthermore, she is interested in the pathogenesis of keloid formation and emerging treatments for keloids. Besides the PhD research projects, she has gained clinical experience at the Department of Dermatology and the Department of General Surgery.