Henry Weatherburn, PhD

henry weatherburn

Dr. Weatherburn is Head of Physics at Cancer Centre London, having previously held positions as Director of Medical Physics at Oxford Radcliffe (now University) Hospitals NHS Trust and Chief Physicist at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Jeddah.

He is a graduate of Strathclyde, London and Oxford Universities and Imperial College and an active member of the Institute of Physics and Engineering and Medicine in the UK.

In Oxford, Jeddah, and London, Dr. Weatherburn has been involved in the delivery of radiotherapy treatment to keloids and other benign diseases by interstitial brachytherapy (with iridium); linear accelerator electron beams; and superficial X-ray units.

Recently he has been involved in a study investigating the efficacy of infra-red imaging in identifying radiotherapy treatment margins for Dupuytren’s Disease and is now applying this approach to keloids.

He also has an interest in radiation risk and the implications of radiobiological modeling for radiotherapy treatment of keloids and other benign diseases.

His recent publications and presentations in this field include:

    1- Estimates of Radiation Risk Arising from the Treatment of Keloids by Radiotherapy.Weatherburn H, Glees G& Malaker K. Proceedings of the 2nd International Keloid Symposium at Pontificia Universita San Tommaso D’Aquino, Rome, Italy – June 7-8, 2018

    2- A Case of Post Varicella Recurrent Presternal Butterfly Keloid. Vera A, Weatherburn H and Malaker K. International Journal of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology 2013, 2, 88 – 91

    3- A Case for “Radiolysis” in Radiotherapy of Keloids. Malaker K, Weatherburn H and De Souza H. International Journal of Medical Physics, Clinical engineering and Radiation Oncology, 2014, 3, 226 – 234

    4- Pilot Studies in the Application of Thermal Imaging in Dupuytrens Disease. C. Weatherburn, PhD, J.P. Glees, MD, FRCR, Y. Qiao MSc and H. Weatherburn PhD.The future of medicine – the role of doctors in 2025, Royal Society of Medicine, London,19 May 2016

    5- Superficial radiotherapy: treatment of the future? Glees J and Weatherburn H. The Future of Treatment for Benign Disease with Superficial Radiotherapy in the UK in the 21st Century? IPEM Conference, Tuesday 25th April 2017, Birmingham