Guyan DL Arscott, MD

Sundeep KeswaniDr. Guyan Duncan Leopold Arscott, Chief Plastic Surgeon at the University Hospital of the West Indies, (U.H.W.I.), Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), and the Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC), in Kingston, Jamaica.

Born April 3, 1952, in the Parish of Clarendon, Jamaica.

I attended the Glenmuir High School before obtaining a Government Scholarship to pursue a career in Medicine at the University of the West Indies.

After completing my internship at the University of the West Indies, I worked in a rural hospital for one year, during which time I was exposed to the problems of chronic wounds and cancer that I felt would benefit from Reconstructive Surgery.

I then entered Post-graduate Surgical Training at the UWI 1980-1983 before obtaining an EEC Award from the British Council to pursue Plastic Surgery Training in the United Kingdom.

In the years 1983 to 1988, I received invaluable training in Plastic Surgery by mentors I.F.K. Muir, Colin Raynor, Brian Sommerlad, H.A. Jackson, and Oliver Fenton.

I returned to develop the Plastic Surgery Service in Jamaica in 1988 and assumed the post of Chief Plastic Surgeon.

I have been able to mould a Plastic Surgery Service that provides for Trauma, Cancers, Keloid Scarring and Paediatric Anomalies, in particular, Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate. My special interests include Chemical Burns in Domestic Disputes and Keloid Scarring.

My extra curricular activities include Chairman of the Milk River Mineral Bath & Spa, and Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).

I am also a keen Golfer and Jogger.