We are delighted that you are considering participating in our Keloid Symposium. The aim of this three-day scientific meeting is to bring together clinicians, basic scientists and members of the industry in order to foster scientific research and exchange of knowledge in keloid disorder and to pave the road to discovery of innovative therapeutics.

We are a non-profit organization and scientific integrity is at the heart of our values. Members of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry who wish to participate or sponsor our meeting will have the opportunity to meet and connect with physicians and scientists who are passionate and dedicated to this field of medicine.

Your contribution and support can enhance the experience of our attendees and allow you to promote your company and your products to our attendees. If you are interested in participating in our meeting, please contact us by e mail via inquiries@keloidsymposium.com.

Let us together make a difference in the lives of people with Keloid Disorder.