Dr. med. Michael J. Weidmann MD

Michael Weidmann, MD

Dr. Michael Weidmann is a senior attending physician in Dermatology, Allergy and Phlebology. Since 2003, Dr. Weidmann, in partnership with his colleagues, Dr Oliver Dörzapf, Dr. K.P. Müller Dr. Von Saldern MD, has served as a medical director at the Klinik am Forsterpark in Augsburg, Germany.

Dr. Michael Weidmann is the Chair of the German Society of Aesthetic Dermatology, Chair of the German Society of Botulinumtoxin, Vice president of the European Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society (ELAS) and an active member of the German Society of Dermatology. He is also the medical director of the international keloid network and director of the aesthetic/meso section with Globalhealth academy. He is the former chair of the section of aesthetic dermatology and laser surgery at the university of Ulm.

Dr. Weidmann, completed his medical training in surgery, internal medicine and dermatology at the universities of Ulm and Tübingen.